SEO Experts at Reputation Maxx Reveal Best Online Reputation Management Tips for Social Media

May 7, 2014 by

The SEO Experts at Reputation Maxx know that online reputation management encompasses a lot of different things. From content creation to distribution and effective and powerful SEO practices, there is a lot of time, manpower and money that goes into a great online reputation management campaign for a positive and proactive approach, while that amount of work is doubled, tripled or even quadrupled for a negative campaign where a client’s reputation is trying to be saved.

Reputation Maxx is revealing a few tips for those who are looking to improve the way that they look online, or looking to protect themselves against future attacks.

1. You can never be too social.
There are an ENDLESS amount of social media websites that you can become a part of. A lot of these websites are extremely high ranking, meaning that if you put the time and effort into creating these pages and optimizing them properly, they will most likely rank highly on your search engine results. If possible, try to get a vanity URL for your profile page. For Facebook fan pages, this means changing your /pages/1q284792847234/… url to This will dramatically boost how your social media page ranks on search engine results. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and more are great places to share content, connect with others and a whole host of other functions. Increase your reach by tagging others and getting retweets to their followers. Tumblr, Pinterest and other sites are also great for back links, allowing you to post your content on high ranking sites to increase your page’s rankings. For more information about best SEO practices, contact Reputation Maxx today.

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Reputation Maxx Helps You Understand Online Reputation Management

Mar 3, 2014 by

Knowledgeable online reputation management firms like Reputation Maxx point out the social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can be valuable to understand and to use. However, these social media platforms can be a mixed blessing. The reason behind this claim is that customers can write and post their comments, share stories and experiences, tag businesses in photographs and discuss opinions with their friends. Ideally, all these can build or break the levels of a company’s online reputation to very significant levels.

Online reputation specialists like Walter Halicki can provide consultation on how to use social media as tool to dominate the web landscape for a certain business’ product or service. The key is user engagement, developing demographics and positive public relations campaign that tout the best and most unique parts of a business. Of course, Walter Halicki suggests this as only a sinlge part of a comprehensive media strategy to improve a brand reputation.

Reasons reputation management services are necessary

Reputation Maxx, an experienced online reputation management firm, admits that there are a number of reasons why website owners will need to answer the question of “what is reputation management?” Going back to the social networking sites, the reality is that customers are more likely to post their complaints publicly about any negative experiences than they will give credit for good customer services.


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